UN Weapons Ship Immediately Investigate the North

WASHINGTON – Investigators of the United Nations (UN) is planned to arrive in Panama early August to begin an investigation into the ship North Korea (Korea) were arrested carrying weapons from Cuba. Meanwhile, North Korea demanded that the vessel was released.

Panamanian ship raided Chong Chon Gang last week while trying to pass through the Panama Canal. Ship weighing 14,000 tons was arrested after allegedly carrying contraband weapons from Cuba.

The discovery of the weapons in clear violation of UN rules. Panamanian authorities had already asked the UN Security Council (UNSC) to conduct an investigation into this case.

Government of the United States (U.S.) also spoke and expects the investigation will determine whether the ship was in violation of the provisions of UNSC transporting illegal weapons.

“The team is scheduled to come on August 5,” said the Panamanian Foreign Ministry, as quoted by the Korean Times, Friday (19/07/2013).

While the U.S. State Department staff Marie Haff adds, “Cargo ships already done. We see the potential violation of UN Security Council resolutions by North Korea “.

Childbirth, Women of Zimbabwe fined Rp 50 thousand per Cries

WOMEN in Zimbabwe charged $ 5 (approximately 50 thousand) every time they cry when giving birth.

A new report from Transparency International (which focuses on corruption in the world) find that a local hospital in one of the poorest countries of Africa fined each woman screaming in childbirth.

That does not include labor costs USD50 (Rp501 thousand). This is very burdensome for the average annual income of Zimbabwean society is about $ 150 (R1, 5 million), as reported by the Daily Mail.

And worse, the report also found that women who can not afford the cost of labor is sometimes detained in hospital. They will be waived if the family can pay off the debt, with interest of course.

This causes many mothers choose to give birth at home Zimbabwe because they can not afford hospital fees. The UN found that an average of eight women die every day in childbirth in poor countries.

The Washington Post reported that the office of Transparency International in Zimbabwe national health ministries contacted by sending an official letter about this issue. Zimbabwe Ministry of Health admitted receiving the letter, but they did not do anything.

Israeli Submarine Attack Syria

Latakia – Chairman of the Military Council of the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA) Mustafa Abed Al Kareem reported to attack Israel Latika City. The attack was thought came from the sea.

“These attacks are not coming from the ground, but rather an attack from the sea. Israelis to attack from their subs,” said Al Kareem, told Ynet on Tuesday (16/07/2013).

“The offensive comes to weapons caches, including the Yakhont missiles to be around Latakia,” he explained.

Al Kareem added, after examination, approximately five broken arms supplies ensured for the attack. But the Israelis up to now has not confirmed anything about the attack.

Israel’s attack on Syria amid the raging civil war is not the first time that happened. Previously, May 5 Israeli air strikes into Syria. The attack struck a military research center near Damascus.

The attack was the second Israeli attack against Syria. What does a Jewish state shows Israeli involvement in the escalating civil war in Syria.

Previously, Israel insists it will not allow sophisticated weapons from Syria into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon. So far, Hezbollah is known as the closest ally of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and the main enemy of Israel.

Threatened killed 1,700 Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Prisons

GAZA – Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails fell sick feared dead, because the Israelis ignore them medically. In addition, poor prison conditions make the health status of detainees continues to deteriorate.

“The number of Palestinian prisoners in a state hospital continued to increase in Israeli jails.’s Because the Israelis who ignore their health insurance,” said the Palestinian Ministry of Prison Affairs Riad al Ashgar, as quoted by the PIC, Tuesday (07/16/2013).

Approximately 1,700 of the 4,600 Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails suffer health problems in the heart. Meanwhile, the other 75 suffered from other chronic diseases.

Poor prison conditions was recognized by a former detainee, Omar al-Bardawil. According to him, the deteriorating health of Palestinian prisoners was a result of the Israeli prison administration policy that you want to delete the prison that housed Palestinian prisoners.

Al-Bardawil who languished for eight years in Israeli prisons illustrates that every prisoner whenever faced with death. This is due to the attitude of the guards are rude, and their health is neglected, especially prisoners who went on strike.

Seeing this condition, Al Bardawil urges immediate Israeli prison authorities to pay more attention. In addition, the prison authorities also need to address the shortage of drugs in prison.

Oops, Pubic Men’s Bitten by Snake

LOWER GALILEE – A man from Israel, had to be hospitalized after a snake bite his genitals when he was in the toilet.

The unnamed man that had experienced something that surprised him when he visited his parents in the town of Lower Galilee, Israel. When he was in the toilet, the 35-year-old man got a surprise that could change his life.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Thursday (07/18/2013), a snake slithered out of the bowl and biting his penis.

Once exposed to the bite, he was immediately rushed to the Rambam Medical Center Hospital for treatment.

Hospital staff Rambam Medical Center, said that he was very lucky because the snake was not poisonous.

“The snake was not poisonous. He is currently awaiting the results of additional testing and observation after we get the results, he can go home,” said one staff Rambam Medical Center Hospital.

“This is the first time I saw this kind of snake bites. Fortunately, all tests seem fine and healthy condition of man,” said one of the paramedics who treated the man.

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